And that has made all the difference…

I’m glad that, for what ever reason it was, you have stumbled upon this online blog. Perhaps the introduction is not the topic that originally drew you, but I hope you will take the time to read it all the same.

I do not presume to be an entertaining author, nor to have answers enough to inform anyone’s conscience on important matters. Instead, this blog is created for myself – anyone I may touch or influence through its musings is merely a happy accident.

There is a chance you’ve found this page because you’re like I am – a bit lost and misunderstood in a world that does not encourage much but mechanical progression. Certainly, this is a planet that has forgotten the natural roots from whence it was born, as though progression could only mean forward motion. Our current progression is, sadly, a de-evolution of core values and instincts that once led us to a place of survival and growth. I challenge us to look forward, for a healthier self and planet, simply by looking backward.

Because mainstream life, standard American diet, scheduled labors, chemical medicines, and undiluted consumerism are now thoroughly normalized, I’m often called ‘weird,’ ‘unique,’ or ‘abnormal.’ These terms are laughingly given and meant no true harm to my spirit, but I’ll admit that the truth of this matter is anything but laughable to me. In my personal life, I feel ostracized from others. I’m beginning to admit to myself that I need an outlet the same as everyone else – a platform to nurture and allow myself the journey my spirit urges me to be on. This journey deserves to be free from restraint, judgment, and emotional parameters.

Parts of this blog may be sharing knowledge I’ve already attained, and parts may be acknowledging the information I’m yet seeking. My mind is saturated with my efforts of minimalism, bodily health, emotional wellness, and more. I’m grateful for an arena that brings me the ability to foster my unique path, and know that one of the best potential blessings from its use would be the opportunity to affect change in even one small area of the life of a reader.

With an open heart,




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