Vegan Kale Tater Recipe

Our little Peanut is nearly 9.5 months old now (well THAT escalated quickly!). I prefer to give simple meals that don’t require a recipe, but to properly follow baby-led weaning baby should be eating anything you do. I also prefer to eat without a recipe (a sweet potato, some broccoli and beans, call it a day!). It’s simpler, easier on digestion, and takes far less planning. But let’s be honest… Sometimes you want a meal that needs a recipe! In the real world (and I do mean “standard family eating practices”), people go out to eat and order a meal, or new recipes get made at home. For these reasons, I’ve been beginning to incorporate actual meals into her day, rather than just individual fruit and veg.

Now, call me crazy or call me crunchy (don’t call me late for dinner)… BUT I prefer to not include grains, oil, sugar, animal product, flours, or any processed foods into our diets. I avoid canned foods where I can, but at the least try to buy organic in a BPA-free can with no salt added. Perhaps I’ll touch on the particular why’s of each in a future post, but for now just know those will be the standards for all the recipes to come here. When researching different recipes for myself, I noticed what a lack of information there is out there to be vegan but also grain and oil free, as those are often staples of a plant-based diet. Because of this void of recipes that suited us, I decided to fill the void where I can and create some recipes for those that may live by similar principles. And so another facebook page was born! Plant-Based Baby: Grain, Oil, & Animal Product Free Recipes. Follow me there! Pretty please? ❤

My first recipe is so ridiculously basic that even, well… that even I could do it!


Kale Taters

-1 small organic Yukon Gold potato
-1 leaf organic kale
-1/2 tsp. tahini

1. Wash your potato well and, leaving the skin on, cut into about 6-8 small pieces for quick steaming.
2. Put a small amount of water in the bottom of a saucepan under a steamer basket. Add in your potatoes, turn temperature to med-high heat on stovetop, and cover.
3. While the potatoes are steaming, rinse your kale leaf and separate the greens from the stem and thicker veins. Chop into fine pieces as you would parsley.
4. Once the potatoes are fork-tender, add in your kale just for about 45-60 seconds to warm and slightly wilt them.
5. Remove from heat and place your mixture in a bowl. Mash the potato with a fork until no longer very lumpy and kale is well mixed. Drizzle with tahini and fluff with your fork to blend slightly.
6. Enjoy!

Peanut ate every. single. bite. No bite left behind. I’m thrilled she enjoyed it and it reminds me… Simplicity is best. I try not to go crazy on spices, I don’t add any salts to her food, and I don’t try to “sneak” greens. What I give her is what’s normal to her, and thankfully she enjoyes her kale and her clementines alike.

I am so excited to share more recipes with you very soon!






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